Class XII

The capital which is part of the uncalled capital of the company which can be called up only in the event of its winding up it is called
  1. Reserve capital
  2. Authorized Capital
  3. Nominal capital
  4. Issued capital
Find out the amount of second & final call When a company issue its shares @ 10 each at a premium of 30%. Payable on Application Rs.4. On Allotment Rs.4. On First Call Rs.2.
  1. Second & final call Rs.4
  2. Second & final call Rs.1
  3. Second & final call Rs.3
  4. Second & final call Rs.2
Which of the following is not true about a private company?
  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum paid up share capital Rs.1,00,000
  2. Minimum paid up capital is 5,00,000
  3. Restriction on the right to transfer its shares
  4. Private company ends with the words ‘Private Limited’.
What type of shares can be issued at discount?
  1. Sweat Equity Shares
  2. Equity Shares
  3. Both Preference Shares and Equity Shares
  4. Preference Shares
When the entire face value of a share is called by the company and is also paid by the shareholder, It is known as ______________
  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribed but not fully paid up capital
  2. Capital Reserve
  3. Subscribed and fully paid up capital
  4. Reserve Capital
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