Class XII

_______ is shown by way of deduction from subscribed capital while preparing notes to account.
  1. Share Forfeiture A/c
  2. Calls-in-advance
  3. Calls-in-arrears
  4. Dividend
A company cannot issue its share at _______
  1. Par
  2. Discount
  3. Both Discoun and Par
  4. Premium
Which of the following represents the excess of issued price over the nominal value of shares?
  1. Premium on issue of share
  2. Share Capital
  3. Profit of the company
  4. Discount on issue of share
Securities premium account can be utilized for:
  1. To create the General Reserve
  2. To write off the preliminary expenses
  3. To Distribute it among the promoters
  4. To pay the dividend to the equity shareholders
A company can sell its shares only through___
  1. Only Newspapers
  2. Media
  3. Banks
  4. Stock Exchange
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