Class XII

An organic compound X is oxidised by using acidified K2Cr2O7. The product obtained reacts with Phenyl hydrazine but does not answer silver mirror test. The possible structure of X is
  1. CH3CHO
  2. CH3CH2OH
  3. None
  4. (CH3)2CHOH
The reaction in Q No.26,phenols are
  1. O – H is highly polar
  2. acidic in nature
  3. phenols are Brönsted acids
  4. all of these
An organic compound containing oxygen, upon oxidation forms a carboxylic acid as the only organic product with its molecular mass higher by 14 units. The organic compound is ______.
  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a primary alcohol
  2. a ketone
  3. an aldehyde
  4. a secondary alcohol
Alcohols undergo dehydration (removal of a molecule of water) to form alkenes on treating with
  1. conc.H2SO4
  2. conc. HCl and ZnCl2
  3. conc. HCl
  4. conc. H2SO4 and ZnCl2
Anisole can be prepared by the action of methyl iodide on sodium phenate. The reaction is called
  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wurtzs reaction
  2. Fittigs reaction
  3. Williamsons reaction
  4. Etards reaction
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