Class XII

The compound formed as a result of oxidation of ethyl benzene by KMnO4 is
  1. Benzoic acid
  2. Benzyl alcohol
  3. Acetophenone
  4. Benzophenone
The oxidation of toluene to benzoic acid can be stopped at the aldehyde stage. The reaction is called
  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephen reaction
  2. Friedel – crafts reaction
  3. Etard reaction
  4. Gatterman – Koch reaction
Ozonolysis of alkenes followed by reaction with zinc dust and water gives depending on the substitution pattern of the alkene
  1. aldehyde
  2. any of these
  3. a mixture of both aldehyde and ketone
  4. ketone
Benzene gets converted to benzaldehyde by Gatterman – Koch reaction. The appropriate reagent for the conversion is
  1. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen chloride
  2. Chromyl chloride
  3. Chromic oxide
  4. Chlorine
Aldehydes are produced on reduction of the following by DIBAL – H
  1. nitriles
  2. esters
  3. none of these
  4. Both nitriles and esters
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