Class XII

Quaternary ammonium salt is formed
  1. By treating an alkyl or benzyl halide with ammonia
  2. by serial nucleophilic substitution of the product
  3. By nucleophilic substitution reaction
  4. all of these
Aniline does not undergo Friedel – Crafts reaction
  1. aluminium chloride, the catalyst reacts with NH2 group
  2. aluminium chloride, the catalyst reacts with NH2 group
  3. all of these
  4. Anilium ion deactivates any further reaction.
When pentanal reacts with ethylamine under conditions of acid catalysis, the major organic product is __________.
  1. an imine
  2. a ketone
  3. a nitrile
  4. a hydrazone
Gabriel synthesis is used for the preparation of :
  1. quaternary salt
  2. tertiary amine
  3. secondary amine
  4. primary amines
The reaction of Benzene diazonium chloride with aniline yields
  1. mixture of ortho and para – aminoazobenzene.
  2. o – aminoazobenzene
  3. m – aminoazobenzene
  4. p – aminoazobenzene
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