Class XII

Which city in Tamil Nadu has airport?
  1. Chennai
  2. Triuchirapalli
  3. Madurai
  4. All of the above
Which is the oldest paramilitary force in the country?
  1. Border Security Force (BSF)
  2. Assam Rifles
  3. Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)
  4. Coast Guard
Which countries from the membership of CACM (Central American Common Market)?
  1. Costa Rica, EI Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
  2. Bogota, EI Salvedor, Honduras
  3. Washington DC, Bogota, Guatemala
  4. All of the above
Which of the following agencies related to the United Nation was in existence before the Second World War?
  1. Food and Agricultural Organisation
  2. International Labour Organisation
  3. World Health Organisation
  4. International Monetary Fund
Which of the following of the members of OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries)?
  1. Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait
  2. Libya, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria
  3. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela
  4. All of the above
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