Class XII

For purpose of preparing cash flow statement , which of the following is not considered as a ‘cash equivalent’?
  1. An investment in Bonds
  2. Commercial paper
  3. Marketable securities
  4. Treasury Bills
Conversions of debentures into equity shares will be______
  1. Financing Activity
  2. Investing Activity
  3. No Effect
  4. Operating Activity
While calculating cash flow statement form investment activities following items should be added except?
  1. Cash received from sale of investments
  2. Interest received
  3. Cash received from sale of fixed assets
  4. Cash paid for purchase of Non-current Investment
Loss on sale of furniture will be -------------.
  1. Less (Investing activities)
  2. Add (Investing activities)
  3. Add (operating activities)
  4. Less (operating activities)
Loose Tools are shown under:
  1. Cash and Cash Equivalents
  2. Trade Receivables
  3. Inventories
  4. Other Current Assets
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