Class XII

Which of the following is not a cash inflow?
  1. Goods purchased in cash
  2. Interest received on investment
  3. Goods sold in cash
  4. Sale of asset at loss
Which of the following items will be added in operating activities? (a) Decrease in stock (b) Increase in creditors (c) Increase in debtors (d) Increase in outstanding expenses Options are
  1. a,b,d
  2. a,b,c,d
  3. b,c,d
  4. a,b,c
Computer Software is classified under:
  1. Current Liabilities
  2. Fixed tangible Assets
  3. Long term borrowings
  4. Fixed Intangible Assets
Decrease in the value of Trade Receivable will be ……...
  1. Deducted in operating activities
  2. Deducted in Investing activities
  3. Added in Investing Activities
  4. Added in operating activities
When the incoming partner pays his share of goodwill privately to the sacrificing partner outside the business Which account should be debited in the books of account?
  1. Cash A/c
  2. No entry should be recorded
  3. Partner’s capital A/c
  4. Premium for goodwill A/c
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