Class XII

Rate of reaction does not remain constant throughout because
  1. Volume of reactants keep on changing
  2. Density of reactants keep on changing
  3. Concentration of reactants keep on changing
  4. Temperature of reactants keep on changing
The effect of temperature on reaction rate is given by
  1. Gibb’s Helmholtz equation
  2. Arrhenius equation
  3. Clausius Claperon equation
  4. Kirchoff’s equation
Which of the following statement is true for order of a reaction?
  1. It can have fractional value
  2. It depends on the stiochiometric coefficients of reactants as well as products
  3. It can be written from the balanced chemical equation
  4. It cannot be determined experimentally
Which among the following statement is not true for rate constant of a reaction?
  1. Rate constant depend upon the concentration of the reactants
  2. Rate constant changes with temperature
  3. Unit of rate constant depend upon the order of reaction
  4. Rate constant has a definite value at a particular temperature
Which among the following is an instantaneous reaction?
  1. Burning of a log of wood
  2. Rusting of iron
  3. Precipitation of silver chloride
  4. Hydrolysis of starch
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