Class XII

Butylated – Hydroxy Toluene is added in packed foods to preserve fats because
  1. It oxidizes itself and prevents fats from getting oxidised
  2. It allows fats to get oxidized without degrading the food
  3. It react with the fats and doesn’t allow them to get oxidized
  4. It cuts off the stale smell of the oxidized fat
Penicillin is
  1. Anti – viral
  2. Anti – fungal
  3. Bacteriostatic
  4. Bactericidal
Scum formation can be prevented by
  1. using detergents
  2. All of these
  3. using water softeners
  4. using soft water
Neurologically active drugs are
  1. Tranquilisers
  2. Antihistaminses
  3. Antibiotics
  4. Tranquilisers and Analgesics
Some of the detergents are non – biodegradable because
  1. They kill the bacteria in water which help in degradation
  2. They have highly branched carbon chain difficult to degrade
  3. They have a long straight carbon chain difficult to degrade
  4. They do not dissolve in water completely
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