Class XII

Which activity did we discover what objects are conductors and what objects are nonconductors?
  1. Paper-Clip Switch
  2. Simple Circuits
  3. Solid Conductors
  4. Series and Parallel Circuits
An ammeter and a voltmeter are joied in series to a cell . Their readings are A and V respectively . If a resistance is now joined in parallel with the voltmetar ,
  1. both A and V will increase
  2. both A and V will decrease
  3. A will decreases , V will increase
  4. A will increase , V will decrease
A circuit that has only one electric flow is _________.
  1. series circuit
  2. paper circuit
  3. parallel circuit
  4. battery circuit
In Series Circuit, which of the following quantity remains same through out the circuit:
  1. None
  2. Current
  3. Current and Voltage
  4. Voltage
When a load is connected to a voltage divider, the total resistance of the circuit will:
  1. decrease
  2. increase
  3. remain the same
  4. double
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