Class XII

If a series?parallel circuit has all 30-ohm resistors, what is the total resistance when R1 is in series with a parallel circuit consisting of R2 and R3?
  1. 90 ohms
  2. 20 ohms
  3. 10 ohms
  4. 45 ohms
Objects that allow electrical current to flow are called ______.
  1. nonconductors
  2. conductors
  3. batteries
  4. circuits
When placed into a circuit, how are electronic components usually connected?
  1. positive terminal to positive terminal
  2. in parallel
  3. as a combination of series and parallel
  4. in series in series in series
If the length of the filament of a heater is reduced by 10 % , the power of the heater will
  1. increase by about 9%
  2. increases by 11%
  3. increase by about 19%
  4. decrease by about 10%
An energy source will upply a constant current into the load if its internal resistance is
  1. very large as compared to the load resistance
  2. equal to the esistance of he load
  3. non - e of but less than tha resistance of the load
  4. ze o
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