Class XII

When the electrical current CANNOT flow, the circuit is _______
  1. open
  2. closed
  3. broken
  4. loose
If R1 is in series with parallel connected to R2 and R3, what happens to total current if R2 opens?
  1. cannot tell
  2. remains the same
  3. decreases
  4. increases
When a piece of aluminium wire of finite length is drawn through a series of dies to reduce its diameter to half its original value, its resistance will be become
  1. two times
  2. four times
  3. eight times
  4. sixteen times
In Series Circuit, which of the following quantity remains same through out the circuit:
  1. None
  2. Current
  3. Current and Voltage
  4. Voltage
Which activity did we compare the brightness of the light bulb?
  1. Simple Circuits
  2. Paper-Clip Switch
  3. Series and Parallel Circuits
  4. Solid Conductors
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