Class XII

The two nucleic acids that play crucial roles in the synthesis of proteins:
  1. A. ribonucleic acid- RNA
  2. B. deoxyribonucleic acid
  3. both A & B
  4. neither A nor B
A section of DNA that codes for what type of proteins the organism will make are called _____________.
  1. proteins
  2. nucleic acids
  3. genes
  4. genetics
Genetic material sometimes needs to leave the nucleus of the cell. This can be accomplished by using ________ to take messages to the outside of the nucleus.
  1. DNA
  2. CNA
  3. RNA
  4. none of the above
DNA carries the instructions for making ____________ made of amino acids.
  1. proteins
  2. nucleic acids
  3. nitrogen
  4. oxygen
The DNA of a cell will only be found inside of the
  1. nucleus
  2. golgi body
  3. ribosome
  4. nuclear envelope
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