Class XII

If 109109 electrons move out of a body to another body every second, how much time is approximately required to get a total charge of 1 C on the other body?
  1. 200 years
  2. 120 years
  3. 220 years
  4. 180 years
Conservation of charges in tribo electric charging
  1. implies one is positively charged and the other is negatively charged.
  2. implies both are negatively charged
  3. implies both are positively charged
  4. implies half are positively charged and other half are neutral
Ionization of a neutral atom is the
  1. only gain of one or more electrons
  2. gain or loss of one or more electrons
  3. only gain of one or more protons
  4. only gain of one or more neutrons
For a thin spherical shell of uniform surface charge density σσ , The magnitude of E⃗ E→ just outside is
  1. E = 4πR σ 2 4πϵ0r2
  2. E = 4πR σ 2 4πϵ0r3
  3. E = 4πRσ2 4πϵ0r2
  4. A . E = R σ 2 4πϵ0r2
For a thin infinitely long straight wire of uniform linear charge density at a distance R from the wire The magnitude of is Clear λ E⃗
  1. E = λ 3πϵ R
  2. B . E = λ 4πϵ R
  3. E = λ2 2πϵ R
  4. E = . λ 2πϵ R 0 Cosθ
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