Class XII

One of the simplest methods of preventing corrosion is to prevent the surface of the metallic object to come in contact with atmosphere. This can be done
  1. by covering the surface with oil
  2. by covering the surface with salt
  3. by covering the surface with paint or by some chemicals
  4. by covering the surface with citric acid
How much electricity is required in coulomb for the oxidation of 1 mol of FeO to Fe2O3Fe2O3?
  1. 96000C
  2. 95000C
  3. 95550C
  4. 96487C
How much electricity in terms of Faraday is required to produce 40.0 g of Al from molten Al2O3Al2O3?
  1. 4.64F
  2. 4.84F
  3. 4.44F
  4. 4.54F
According to Faraday’s Second Law of Electrolysis the amounts of different substances liberated by the same quantity of electricity passing through the electrolytic solution are proportional
  1. their chemical equivalent weights
  2. to their atomic weight
  3. to their Atomic number
  4. to their nuclear masses
An increase in equivalent conductance of a strong electrolyte with dilution is mainly due to
  1. increase in both i.e. number of ions and ionic mobility of ions
  2. increase in ionic mobility of ions
  3. increase in number of ions
  4. 100% ionization of electrolyte at normal dilution
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