Class XII

Copper nitrate is a blue coloured solution. Place a strip of metallic zinc in an aqueous solution of copper nitrate for about one hour. What happens?
  1. The aqueous solution of copper nitrate turns green in colour and mettallic zinc strip turns darker in colour.
  2. the blue colour of the solution becomes more intense blue.
  3. the blue colour of the solution turns to red
  4. zinc strip becomes coated with blue colour
In Ostwald’s process for the manufacture of nitric acid, the first step involves the oxidation of ammonia gas by oxygen gas to give nitric oxide gas and steam. What is the maximum weight of nitric oxide that can be obtained starting only with 10.00 g. of ammonia and 20.00 g of oxygen ?
  1. 25g of NO
  2. 15g of NO
  3. 16g of NO
  4. 20g of NO
Fractional Oxidation Number exists because
  1. middle carbon in such elements has always zero oxidation state
  2. electrons are never shared/transferred in that element
  3. the average oxidation state of the element is divided by two
  4. the element is present in different oxidation states
Displacement of hydrogen from cold water is done by
  1. all alkaline earth metals
  2. all alkali metals
  3. all transition elements
  4. superoxides
Electrochemical processes for extraction of highly reactive metals and non-metals involves one of the following. Choose the most appropriate option.
  1. redox processes
  2. reduction processes
  3. oxidation processes
  4. reaction with inert gases
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