Class XII

The electron releasing tendency of the metals, zinc, copper and silver is in the order:
  1. Zn>Ag>Cu
  2. Ag>Cu>Zn
  3. Cu>Ag>Zn
  4. Zn>Cu>Ag
The flow of current is possible in Daniel cell only
  1. if there is a potential difference between the copper and zinc electrodes
  2. if the zinc and copper rods are connected by a salt bridge only
  3. if the zinc and copper rods are connected by the platinum wire only
  4. if the transfer of electrons does take place directly from Zn to Cu2+
Oxidation number denotes the oxidation state of an element in a compound ascertained on the basis that electron in a covalent bond belongs
  1. entirely to more electronegative element
  2. entirely to halogens in a compound
  3. entirely to more electronegative element
  4. entirely to transition elements if present
An oxidation number of +1 is found in all their compounds of one of the below given options
  1. all alkali metals
  2. superoxides
  3. all transition elements
  4. all alkaline earth metals
Standard electrode potential of three metals X, Y and Z are –1.2 V, +0.5 V and –3.0 V respectively. The reducing power of these metals will be
  1. Z > X > Y
  2. Y > X > Z
  3. Y > Z > X
  4. X > Y > Z
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