Class XII

Alkyl halides are insoluble in water
  1. weak hydrogen bonds exist between water molecules
  2. the force of attraction between the alkyl halide and water is weaker and cannot overcome the force of attraction between alkyl halide and alkyl halide as also that of water and water molecules
  3. alkyl halides are non polar compounds
  4. high energy is released when newattractions are set up between the haloalkane and the water molecules
Boron is unable to form BF6− ion
  1. the atomic mass of Fluorine is large
  2. None of the above
  3. Due to absence of d orbital
  4. the atomic mass of Fluorine is small
Which one of the following forms propane nitrile as the major product?
  1. --------Propyl bromide + alcoholic AgCN ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Propyl bromide + alcoholic AgCN
  2. Ethyl bromide + alcoholic KCN
  3. Propyl bromide + alcoholic KCN
  4. Ethyl bromide + alcoholic AgCN
Methyl bromide is converted into ethane by heating it in ether medium with
  1. Zn
  2. Cu
  3. Al
  4. Na
A hydrocarbon C5H10 does not react with chlorine in dark but gives a single monochloro compound C 5 H 9 C C5H9Cl in bright sunlight. The hydrocarbon is
  1. Cyclopentene
  2. Cyclopentane
  3. None of the above
  4. Cycloalkyne
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