Class XII

A man of straw 
  1. A worthy fellow
  2. A man of no substance
  3.  A very active man
  4. A selfish person
He …….. a challenge. 
  1. Gave me
  2. Asked me to
  3.  Threw me
  4. Made me
They ……… the three page long introduction …. a small paragraph. 
  1. Abbreviated, to
  2. Abbreviated, as
  3. Abbreviated, like
  4. Aabbreviated, by
Despite the heated argument over property matters recently, there is no bad bloodbetween the brothers. 
  1.  They argued so much that they cursed their own blood.
  2. The brothers are actually not siblings.
  3. The brothers really love each other.
  4. The brothers have no ill feeling towards each other.
At the party she spoke for a long time and did not give anyone else a chance. Finally when she left they were glad to see the back of her. 
  1. They were glad that now there would be some peace.
  2. They were glad to have her back.
  3. They were glad that she would be back.
  4. They were glad that she had left.
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