Class XII

In Economics, a good is something which
  1. Appears appealing
  2. Satisfies wants and needs
  3. Is a service
  4. Can be a service
All attainable combinations will lie
  1. Under the PPC only
  2. Above the PPC only
  3. On and under the PPC
  4. On the PPC only
A PPC can shift its position if and only if
  1. If technology remains constant
  2. None of these
  3. If technology improves
  4. If resources remain constant
Loose tools and Stores and spares are the part of --------------
  1. Cash and Cash Equivalents
  2. Investment
  3. Current Assets
  4. Inventory
The normative economic analysis deals with the variables
  1. As they are
  2. ne of these
  3. As they should be
  4. As they were
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