Class XII

One drawback of barter exchange is
  1. Lack of coincidence of wants
  2. Lack of goods
  3. Lack of double coincidence of wants
  4. Lack of trust
Barter system is
  1. Exchange of foreign exchange
  2. Exchange of trade
  3. Exchange of money
  4. Exchange of goods
What do you mean by credit creation by commercial banks?
  1. It itotal deposits the process of creation
  2. It is the process of total deposit creation
  3. It is the process of loan creation
  4. It is the process of total withdrawal creation
Raising bank rate by the central bank in India during excess demand is
  1. Stabilisation
  2. Inflationary
  3. Destabilisation
  4. Deflationary
One of the secondary functions of money is
  1. Standard of deferred payments
  2. Store of wealth
  3. Measure of value
  4. Medium of exchange
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