Class XII

Net factor income from abroad is the income earned by
  1. Residents in the domestic territory only
  2. Non residents abroad
  3. Residents abroad
  4. Non residents in the domestic territory
Depreciation is fall in value of fixed assets due to normal wear and tear and expected obsolescence. Is this information sufficient?
  1. Never
  2. FALSE
  3. Can’t say
  4. 1
Gross National product at market price is the money value of all final services produced in a year within the domestic territory of a country.
  1. True
  2. Never
  3. False
  4. Can’t say
Can the change in inventories be in positive?
  1. No
  2. Can’t say
  3. Yes
  4. Never
Intermediate goods are those
  1. Which are used in the production
  2. Which will be sold
  3. Which are for long term production
  4. Which are sold
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