Class XII

Stock is a concept which
  1. Cannot be measured at a particular point of time.
  2. is measured at a particular point of time.
  3. is measured after a particular point of time.
  4. is measured at a particular period of time.
Which one of the following items is not included in the estimating a country‘s national income
  1. Free cloth given to workers
  2. Old age pension
  3. Commission paid to dealer in old car
  4. Growing vegetable in a kitchen garden of the house
Net Investment is Gross investment – depreciation.
  1. Never
  2. 1
  3. Can’t say
  4. FALSE
NNP Mp = GNP mp - depreciation
  1. Can’t say
  2. 1
  3. Never
  4. FALSE
Which of the following is a component of Net factor income from abroad is
  1. Net subsidies
  2. Net indirect taxes
  3. Net current transfers
  4. Net retained earnings of resident companies abroad
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