Class XII

The concentration of a solution is 0.3 X 10-2 moles/litre. Osmotic pressure of the solution at 300K is
  1. 0.0821 atm
  2. 0.821 atm
  3. 8.21 atm
  4. 8.314 atm
Camphor is often used in molecular mass determination because
  1. It is readily available
  2. It is volatile
  3. It is a solvent for organic substances
  4. It has very high cryoscopic constant
Solubility of which gas is maximum in water?
  1. Nitrogen
  2. Oxygen
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Ammonia
Solution of hydrogen in palladium is an example of
  1. Gas in solid
  2. Gas in gas
  3. Solid in solid
  4. Liquid in gas
Which among the following show negative deviation?
  1. Acetone and benzene
  2. Carbon tetrachloride and chloroform
  3. Methyl alcohol and water
  4. Chloroform and benzene
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