Class XII

The formula of Debt equity ratio is -------
  1. Shareholders’ Funds/Total Assets
  2. Debt/Equity
  3. Liquid Assets/ Current Liabilities
  4. Current Assets/ Current Liabilities
Loss on sale of investment is:
  1. Cost of material consumed
  2. Amortization Expense
  3. Other expenses
  4. Depreciation
Common Size financial statement is ----------------
  1. Calculation of Revenue from operations
  2. Vertical Analysis of financial statements
  3. Also known as Statement of P/L
  4. Prepared by the Government
Payment of outstanding liabilities will:
  1. None of these
  2. Both
  3. Reduce total current assets
  4. Reduce current liabilities
Revenue from operations is not used in the calculation of __________
  1. Net Profit Ratio
  2. Gross Profit Ratio
  3. Trade Payable Turnover Ratio
  4. Operating Ratio
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