Class XII

Financial statement analysis is a ___________ of business transactions
  1. None of these
  2. Record
  3. Post Mortem
  4. Trend
If Trade Payable turnover ratio shows a high turnover ratio it means……
  1. Shows after how much times funds are collected
  2. Availability of less credit or fast payment
  3. Profitability of the firm
  4. Net Profit
Current Ratio of a Vinod Limited is 2:1. What will be the effect on ratio when a current liability of Rs.6,000 is met by the firm.
  1. Unchanged
  2. Improvement in Current Ratio
  3. Reduce
  4. Only effect on current liability
The following are the Profitability ratio except
  1. Working capital turnover ratio
  2. Net profit ratio
  3. Operating profit ratio
  4. Gross profit ratio
Ratio which convey an enterprise’s ability to meet long term obligations
  1. Activity ratio
  2. Solvency ratio
  3. Profitability ratio
  4. Liquidity ratio
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