Class XII

4d transition elements series are from
  1. Ce to Lu
  2. Sc to Zn
  3. Y to Cd
  4. La to Hg
Zr and Hf have almost equal atomic and ionic radii because
  1. Of actinoid contraction
  2. Of diagonal relationship
  3. Of lanthanoid contraction
  4. Both belong to same transition series
Which one of the following compound is deliquescent?
  1. HgCl2
  2. Hg2Cl2
  3. ZnCl2
  4. CdCl2
Silver ornaments turn black by atmospheric
  1. O2
  2. H2S
  3. Cl2
  4. N2
A reduction in the atomic size with increase in atomic number is characteristic of the elements of
  1. d – block
  2. radioactive series
  3. f – block
  4. high atomic masses
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