Class XII

Zero Vector
  1. A vector whose initial and terminal points coincide
  2. A vector whose initial and final points are different
  3. A vector whose terminal points are at origin
  4. A vector whose initial points are at origin
Vector has
  1. magnitude
  2. magnitude as well as direction
  3. direction
  4. None of these
If l, m and n are direction cosines of the position vector OP the coordinates of P are
  1. lr, mr and nr
  2. lr, mr and n
  3. lr, m and nr
  4. l, mr and nr
Vectors A and B are Collinear
  1. if they are parallel to the same line irrespective of their magnitudes and directions.
  2. if the direction cosines of one are negatives of the other
  3. if they are have equal magnitude
  4. if they are in the same line
Which of the following is a vector?
  1. energy
  2. mass
  3. charge
  4. acceleration
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