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Magsaysay awards are named after Ramon Magsaysay, ____ who was known for his land reform programme to defuse communist insurgency.
  1. President of the Philippines
  2. President of the Spain
  3. President of the Scotland
  4. President of the Malaysia
The regional economic commissions of the Economic and social Council (UNO) are
  1. ECE (Economic Commission of Europe) and ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia)
  2. ECLA (Economic Commission for Latin America) and ECA (Economic Commission for Africa)
  3. ECWA (Economic Commission for Western Asia) and ECLA
  4. All of the above
The number of judges is European Court of Human Rights are
  1. 5
  2. 11
  3. 21
  4. 15
The Secretary-General is required to submit an annual report on the work of the UN to
  1. the General Assembly
  2. the Security Council
  3. the Trusteeship Council
  4. All of the above simultaneously
The normal term of office for which the President and Vice-President of the International Court of Justice are elected is
  1. Three years
  2. Five years
  3. Seven years
  4. Nine years
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