General knowledge Material- all Competitive

In April 2016, amid rising tension over North Korea, which country launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier?
  1. South Korea
  2. Japan
  3. China
  4. USA
The average variable cost curve is ____ shaped.
  1. U
  2. v
  3. W
  4. Z
In 1918, Mahatma Gandhi went to ______________ to organise a satyagraha movement amongst cotton mill workers.
  1. Madras
  2. Bombay
  3. Surat
  4. Ahmedabad
recently who has recieved the final liscence from reserve bank to operate a small finance bank
  1. utkarsh micro finance
  2. aakash microfinance
  3. disha microfinance
  4. ujala microfinance
recently which country has been unanimously has been elected as the president of UN-habitat, an organ of the united nations to promote sustainable human settelments across the globe?
  1. afghanistan
  2. belgium
  3. turkey
  4. india
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