General knowledge Material- all Competitive

King Hammurabi raised the first army of the world in
  1. 2000 BC
  2. 1500 BC
  3. 1480 BC
  4. 1027 BC
The Prize that is awarded every two years to people who have worded for
  1. Plame Prize
  2. UNEOSCO Prize for Tolerance
  3. Unesco Peace Award
  4. Monismanien Swedish
The SLV-3 project provided India with the expertise to lop a larger and more sophisticated launch vehicle
  1. PSLV
  2. ASLV
  3. GSLV
  4. None of the above
Who was the architect of modern Mumbai?
  1. Punjab Rao Deshmukh
  2. Yashwantrao Chavan
  3. Jagannath (Nana) Sunkersett
  4. Vasantdada Patil
A movement called __________ ___________ started at Reni in Garhwal, high-up in the Himalayas during the early 1970s to save trees from cutting.
  1. Coliform
  2. Reuse
  3. biodiversity
  4. Chipko Andolan
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