General knowledge Material- all Competitive

What George Pullman invented?
  1. Sleeping (railway) car
  2. Airship
  3. Box car (railway)
  4. Air brakes
What invention by Garnet Carter made its debut at the Fairyland Inn Resort in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, in 192
  1. Miniature golf
  2. Swimming pool slide
  3. Ski lift
  4. Golf cart
In which decade with the first transatlantic radio broadcast occur?
  1. 1850s
  2. 1860s
  3. 1870s
  4. 1900s
What did cardiologist Dr. Paul Zoll invent in Massachusetts in 1952?
  1. EKG
  2. Artificial heart valve
  3. Artificial heart
  4. Pacemaker
In the 1700s, who would pay the postage fee for letters before the stamp was invented?
  1. The sender
  2. There was no fee
  3. The receiver of the letter
  4. The post office
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