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He is an interesting speaker but tends to go off at a tangent.
  1. change the subject immediately
  2. forget things in between
  3. go on at great length
  4. become boisterous
The prince did not take after the king.
  1. run after
  2. follow
  3. precede
  4. resemble
The new economic policy is likely to run into rough weather.
  1. create problems
  2. encounter difficulties
  3. confuse matters
  4. makes things difficult
There is no love lost between two neighbours.
  1. close friendship
  2. cool indifference
  3. intense dislike
  4. a love hate relationship
There was no opposition to the new policy by the rank and file of the Government.
  1. the official machinery
  2. the ordinary members
  3. the majority
  4. the cabinet ministers
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