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Equal masses of ethane and hydrogen gas are present in a container at 25°C. The fraction of the total pressure exerted by ethane gas is
  1. 1/2
  2. 1/6
  3. 1/8
  4. 15/16
he volume of nitrogen evolved on complete reaction of 9 g of ethyl amine with a mixture of NaNO₂ and HCl at 273°C and 1 atm pressure is
  1. 5.6 dm³
  2. 4.48 dm³
  3. 11.2 dm³
  4. 22.4 dm³
I₂ reacts with aqueous Na₂S₂O₃ to give Na₂S₄O₆ and NaI. The products of reaction of Cl₂ with aqueous Na₂S₂O₃are
  1. Na₂S₄O₆ + NaCI
  2. NaHSO₄ + HCI
  3. NaHSO₃ + NaCl
  4. NaHSO₃ + HCl
HClO₄s a stronger acid than HClO. The correct statement is
  1. ClO⁻₄ ion is more stabilized than ClO⁻
  2. ClO⁻₄ ion has higher hydration energy than ClO⁻
  3. HClO₄ is better solvated in water than HClO
  4. In HClO₄, H is attached to Cl, while in HClO it is attached to O
Passing H₂S gas into a mixture of Mn²⁺, Ni²⁺, Cu²⁺, and Hg²⁺ in an acidified aqueous solution precipitates
  1. NiS and HgS
  2. CuS and HgS
  3. MnS and NiS
  4. MnS and CuS
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