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During initial treatment, preferential wetting of ore by oil and gangue by water takes place in
  1. Leaching
  2. Froth floatation
  3. Bessemerisation
  4. Levigation (gravity separation)
NaCN is sometimes added in the froth flotation process as a depressant when ZnS and PbS minerals are expected because :
  1. Pb(CN)₂is precipitated while no effect on ZnS.
  2. NaCN is never added in froth floatation process.
  3. PbS forms soluble complex Na₂[Pb(CN)₄] while ZnS forms froth.
  4. ZnS forms soluble complex Na₂[Zn(CN)₄] while PbS forms froth
The formula of carnallite is :
  1. LiAl(Si₂O ₅)₂
  2. KCL.MgCL₂6H₂O
  3. K₂O.Al₂O₃.6SiO₂
  4. KCl.MgCl₂.2H₂O
During electrolytic reduction of alumina, two auxiliary electrolytes X and Y are added to increase the electrical conductance and lower the temperature of melt in order to making fused mixture very conducting. X and Y are
  1. Alum and flourspar
  2. Cryolite and alum
  3. Cryolite and flourspar
  4. Flourspar and bauxite
Silica is added to roasted copper ores during extraction in order to remove
  1. Ferrous oxide
  2. Ferrous sulphide
  3. Cuprous sulphide
  4. Cuprous oxide
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