If one apple is far away from you, you say...
  1. This apple.
  2. These apples.
  3. That apple.
  4. Those apples.
Which sentence is correct?
  1. This books are terrible.
  2. These DVD is very good.
  3. I like these glove.
  4. This quiz is easy.
Which sentence is incorrect?
  1. These sunglasses are great!
  2. This movie is boring.
  3. That boys is wearing a red hat.
  4. Those pants look good on you.
Which sentence is correct?
  1. This dinners tastes delicious.
  2. That refrigerator is cheap.
  3. These flower are ugly.
  4. Those rice is great.
How would you introduce your parents to someone new?
  1. These is my parents.
  2. This is my parents.
  3. This are my parents.
  4. These are my parents.
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