AGXL Process

We at AGXL believe that every child has their own learning pattern, their own retention method and a unique problem-solving mechanism. Our process involves a step by step analysis of every child’s Knowledge, Attention to detail, Memory (long term/short term) and Working memory (conceptual retention), Judgement, Evaluation, Reasoning, Computation, Problem Solving, Decision making, Comprehension and Language.


Our team of Teachers, Counselors and Special Educators go through the answers, exercises, and game scores in order to understand each child’s unique mechanism such as Memory, Association, Concept Formation, Pattern Recognition, Language, Attention, Perception, Strategy formation, Action and Mental imagery. Consequently, all data collected and scored by us not only helps a child learn and acquire academic excellence in a stress free environment, it also provides Parents, Teachers, Tutors and Schools with a state of the art Graphical Timeline representing where every child started on the academic front on our site from day one and outlines the progress made by him/her on a short-term (session to session) and long-term (month to month) basis. All scores and data analysis will be put together as a report which can be accessed by you at any given time, ensuring that a child gains the maximum out of the time they put in during each session.

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