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Agxl offers a range of pre-vetted report formats that allows and assists parents in managing, understanding and keeping track of their ward’s academic progress and day to day education-related activity.

We understand that acquiring knowledge is an ongoing process. We strive to ensure that you and your child are on the same page when it comes to keeping track of exercises, activities, completion of assigned tasks. We guarantee that you receive completion updates of homework, classwork and an immediate report of scores obtained. Reports on the go make time management easy and endless re-checking of academic activity obsolete.

The AGXL App

You can monitor the child’s activity at any given time. You can assign tasks while you are at work by selecting desired question paper, exercises and even reward your child by giving them time-outs or game access upon the completion of tasks.

You will receive task commencement and completion reports immediately via notification and/or email, our reports will specify time taken (hours and minutes) to complete assigned tasks, score obtained and also identifying areas of the exercise in question that may need academic intervention or course correction. All data obtained is preserved for later reference to ensure a long-term mapping of results that helps you gauge the progress over broader time span. You can also request a detailed report that will provide you with a complete and comprehensive breakdown of the scores obtained and answers given by your child at the push of a button.

Parental Controls

Our site and app allow you manoeuvrability and regulation instantly, you can specify time limits or time caps on tasks, alert your child to start a task and ensure that they complete it, this makes constant corrective measures redundant.

Our inbuilt study partner OSCAR (On-hand study charting algorithmic responder) the Dolphin will help prompt your child and bring their attention to the questions/exercise, while at the same time giving you an insight to where your child has a tendency to repeat a previously overlooked or noticed error. Oscar acts as a study buddy and also a parental control + prompter.

Security and Confidentiality -We provide state of the art controls that only you have access to. No information gathered by AGXL is accessible to anyone unless we have pre-emptive parental consent. The consent of the guardian is mandatory before any information is revealed to teachers tutors or schools. You may chose to share scores and relevant data with a teacher or a tutor, if and when given permission by the parent will a report be sent to the tutor or teacher in question in an email and/or notification format. We pride ourselves in our confidentiality, our terms and conditions specify that a parent is soul authority over data disclosure.

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