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Online contest for student

Mastermind Contest

AGXL MASTERMIND is an excellent idea to get students familiar with diverse varieties of concepts and promote their determination to perform in other competitive exams with ease and score excellently. TIMES OF INDIA will Awards Prizes are entitled to the students based on their ranks. There are State Level Excellence medal awards allotted to the students […]

Smart School Management

AGXL  smart school management (SSM) Professional has been designed to help educational institutions manage their campuses efficiently and effectively steer both core and support functions. You can manage resources better for improved accountability and transparency. AGXL smart school management software is a complete online solution for educational institutions for a tailor-made system with extensive features. Make every aspects of […]

Which is the tallest animal in the world ?

Select correct option and get reward points Want to solve more interesting questions like these? Check out AGXL’s science assessments. Gauge your kid’s ability and know-how well-informed they are. Join and Make Your Kids Smarter. We offer online self-assessment and preparatory tests to students from class KG- XII.

How makes an online assessment authentic

How can you make assessments more relevant to your students’ lives and careers? Read this step-by-step guide for making your online class .. AGXL’s smart dashboard panel helps to    watch your institutional data like !  Digitizing the Exam Management for check student’s  efficiency     Every educational institution conducts exams to assess the skills acquired by […]

Check you kids Strengths & Weaknesses in academic

Ready to take the Strengths test today ? AGXL – A great tool to help all kind of students interested in academic development. agxl strengths and Weaknesses assessment tool is to help you get a better look at who you really are and how much you could grow. That acronym is about as ugly as […]