Welcome To AGXL

AGXL is the brainchild of two parents working corporate jobs and a single mother running a small business. In 2014 we realized as a group of parents that we relied more on the opinion of private tutors and the assessment of school teachers to understand how our children were performing or likely to perform in the scholastic year. After working long hours we would try and combine dinner and "How are things at school?" or "Did you do your homework?" obviously the children detested the question. From our perspective, this was the only time we could ask them this and from their perspective, they were drained out by the mere mention of the word school or homework. It was sensory overload 7hrs at school + 2 hrs of private tuition and then 2 hours dedicated to homework from school and assigned tasks by tutors. When we think of it in terms of child psychology, children develop avoidance and often blatant disregard towards education, not because of they but because after 11 hrs of trudging through the same thing repeatedly a child's only coping mechanism is avoidance or non-performance. We came to understand, teachers and private tutors were usually helpful but prone to human error as we all are. An average private tutor would be teaching 6-8 students per day in rotation at the very least, leaving gaps in his/her understanding or concentration of our children alone. School teachers face a bigger issue as they are dealing with a multitude of children where the minimum class capacity is 25 students, in rotation a "Single Subject" teacher would be teaching 75-100 students per day. When we consulted middle school and high school teachers; they concurred with our statistics. The sheer volume of children they were interacting with on a daily basis, recalling the name of each child is an uphill task and to be able to give you accurate information about your child at a PTM is impossible. As the three of us were working odd and long hours the obvious time crunch left no space for patiently understanding where our children were on the competitive scale. Instead of relying on second-hand information from teachers/tutors/our own kids, we decided to take matters into our own hands. What started with several cups of tea and numerous discussions over WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups with other parents facing similar problems we came up with a solution for parents, children, teachers and schools alike. In 2015 with the help of numerous consultants, teachers, child psychologists and one on one talks with the kids themselves; AGXL was born.