We analyse our data based not only on retention specific knowledge but also development specific where we factor in the age of the child and stage of learning that they are performing at. We follow a format based on well established criteria for multiple learning stages – Pre operational stage (2-7 years) – This is specific to early childhood where the ability of the child is assessed through response towards Language, Memory, Imagination, Non-logical Thinking (common sense), Intuitive problem solving, Grasping the concept of numbers, Recognition of patterns and Understanding of verbal cues. Concrete operational stage (7-12 years) – Pertains to logical and systematic form of intelligence, symbols and relation to objects. Grasping special association, ability to understand the concept of Mass, Volume, Length, Weight, Ability to visualise oneself in different situations which sets the basis for analytical thinking and productive decision making. Promptness towards both verbal and non verbal cues. Formal operational stage (12- 18 years) – Understanding of abstract concepts, flexibility in thinking and performing tasks based on priority. Complex reasoning and problem solving, ability to decipher between obvious and conceptual theories. Advance vocabulary and contextual reasoning. Recollection of previously learned tasks/subjects/theories/concepts and applying them to solve problems at hand.