Since our processes are multifaceted and we perform a number of tasks to improve a child’s overall performance in both day to day classes and school/competitive examinations we also give children the confidence to volunteer information in class, this is especially helpful for students who have high academic scores based on theoretical/written examinations but often lose out when under verbal scrutiny or oral tests. No information gathered by us is filler data, everything from the child’s age, gender, class, academic performance, game scores, homework and assigned task completion is used to analyse, strategise and produce a comprehensive guide for any academic intervention needed to ensure that a child attains his/her full potential. When we come across any anomalies in a child’s scores such as, inability to cope with a particular subject. Example :-  Low performance in social studies the child’s scores and all relevant data is then passed on to a special educator or teacher in our social science department to be verified and analysed so we can inform parents/teachers/tutors where the child may need help and what steps they should take in order to correct said issue. Along with this our teachers/special educators also help in giving guidelines (video’s, games, cue cards etc) specific to concepts or chapters so that misinterpreted information does not go unchecked.