Once a child’s IQ is established we run them through a series of tests pertaining to the academic year they are in, the kind of syllabus they are following and the learning pattern they are most comfortable within each individual subject. Here in the form of tests we understand how the child is performing per subject and where they encounter the most difficulty. Once we know where a child is unable to reach desired results we suggest coping methods different learning structures, patterns and styles. We then bring them to better understand the solution to the any given problem they were unable to solve before. Not all scoring is based on tests, we understand that repetition of a task results in boredom, to ensure that a child does not lose interest in academia we include a number of interactive games that help a child gage concepts while they have fun, we analyse the gaming scores to decipher patterns in the mind map of every child while simultaneously suggesting games targeting their learning type and encouraging them to perform better.